Skynet is here, thank New Jersey

So let me start by saying that out of the two figures pictured here, I don’t know which is more creepy! Is it the guy who invented the robotic sex toy (let’s all pretend to be surprised that he’s from New Jersey (sorry NJ friends but let’s be real, you know where you’re from and you know how I feel about that)) or the robot itself! Who in the hell wants this thing looking at them…let alone in an “intimate” setting? Am I alone here?

It looks like a freeze frame of countless women who have appeared on Jerry Springer’s stage…can’t you see that thing throwing a shoe and yelling at it’s husband for sleeping with it’s sister – seriously!

This kind of seems like the beginning of what every sci-fi movie starring Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Linda Hamilton warned us about, doesn’t it? Clearly, I’m not a fan and when the robots rise up against us, I think they’ll probably come after me first. I guess I better continue tweeting, recording video and doing internet searches from my smart phone while I still can.