“Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.”

about masters of none

Masters of None represents a lifestyle that is sophisticated in style and thoughtful in design. Our products are decidedly smart, urbane wand playful. Masters of None values the knowledge gained from experimentation and the refined finished you can only achieve by applying a cross-pollination of skills.

Using traditional handcrafted techniques and modern tools, MON is able to produce quality goods that retain artistic integrity. Masters of None is proud to invite you to furnish your homes and outfit your lives with products that are not just good looking, but also useful.

materials + techniques

Many of the MON products are made with acrylic and bamboo. Whenever possible local and eco-friendly materials are used. The bamboo we use is rapidly renewable, comes from responsibly farmed areas and is formed using low-emitting adhesives.

Except in the case of our keychains and cufflinks, all metal findings on Masters of None jewelry is made from sterling silver, including the chains for the Emotions Can Be Dangerous line. Otherwise, base metals are used.

Any product that is laser cut is done by Masters of None, we do not send out our work. As a matter of fact, every product in our shop is handmade and packaged by the same 2 hands that originally sketched the idea. Because the laser is a computerized device, multiples of any object are pretty precise matches, but please allow for slight variations.

care instructions

We design with use in mind, so over all our products are solid and can withstand normal use and some light abuse. There are some specific things to keep in mind, however.


Acrylic is a type of plastic. It is sturdy and the thickness we use is strong but not super flexible. That means that while it could probably withstand being dropped or thrown (we do test this), you should avoid these things all the same; as well as bending or smashing our acrylic pieces.


Bamboo is a very strong wood-like product (did you know bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood?). It is naturally up to 30% stronger than oak and has some antimicrobial properties. Additionally, some types of bamboo grow in water and therefore has some moisture-resistent properties. This is why it is perfect for coasters. Our tests have shown that even after 9 hours submerged in water, our bamboo simply dries and does not warp. We do not recommend doing this or putting any of our bamboo products through the dishwasher. Instead, allow to air dry or spot clean. Doing anything else may result in unintended augmentation of the design.